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Penang Tourism Guide

Penang is one of the biggest tourist attractions of Malaysia. It is locally known as the Pearl of the Orient or the Pulau Mutiara. Visit their website for more information about Penang.

Wet World Travel Agency

Wetworld is one of the travel agency accumulated a large network of travel partners. They are one of the travel agencies offering outbound tour services and connections with different tour operators, visit their website for more information.

Denmark Information Guide

Find information to Denmark attractions and places, map and everything about Denmark.

Best Resort Guide

BT Resort is designed to inform the public about the diversity of resorts in Malaysia. The impact of tourism has led to the creation of a stable hospitality business in the nation, find the most incredible resort areas in both popular and developing tourist sites.

Travel Lifesytle Guide

TDL is a leading publisher and magazine published everything regarding travel and lifestyle needs and wishes.

Back Packer Guide

Everything you need to know about backpacking, your ultimate guide about backpacking in Malaysia.

Hugoz Exsim

Exsim Group has recently introduced their latest property, HUGOZ Suites, situated in KLCC, Malaysia. This property stands out for its sophistication and grace, epitomizing a cosmopolitan landmark that complements its dynamic surroundings with its contemporary and eye-catching design. The service suites are available in three different layouts, spanning across 325 sq ft, 450 sq ft, and 650 sq ft. For further information on Hugoz Exsim, visit their website.